Monday, August 20, 2012


Dulu Legal Solutions was established by Azizur Rahman Dulu with his academic and practical knowledge as evidenced by his Honours Degree in Law, Dulu's vision for establishing his law castle was to create an appropriate boutique firm with high quality service at competitive rates. 

Dulu has practiced Law from 2004 to 2008.  He predominantly practiced:-

  • Criminal Law in the different sub-ordinate Courts of Bangladesh and criminal and civil law including writ jurisdictional matters in the Supreme court of Bangladesh.
In addition Dulu has the following publication:-
1.    Co-author: A community in transition the Biharis in Bangladesh edited by Dr. Mizanur Rahman

  1. মৌলিক মানবাধিকার ও ছাত্রাধিকার এর সনদ ,
  2. থানায় আপনার অধিকার  
  3. প্রস্তাবিত পুলিশ অধ্যাদেশ ২০০৭; নাগরিক অধিকার ও বিচার বিভাগের মৃতুদণ্ড।
  4. কো-অথরঃ ইমারাত নির্মাণ ম্যানুয়াল ভলিউম ১ ও ২।
  5. The Constitutional framework of Public Administration in Bangladesh.

  1. The Criminal Law of Bangladesh, Vol 1.
       Ignorance of Judges is calamitous for people.
The soft copies of the aforementioned books are available on BOOKS download option of this site.
Dulu Legal Solutions can also assist you in:-    
  • Criminal Matters
  • Civil Matters
  • Writ petitions
  • Buying and Selling of Real Estate (Conveyancing)
The only condition is that the opinion seeker must be either a judge or a foreigner or a person having no interest in litigation or a student of law. 

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